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By Mary Cusimano
June 29, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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     Over the past few decades, the toxins that we are regularly exposed to through our diet and environment have increased dramatically. The free radicals in the body have increased, as a result, putting much stress on the immune system. The lacking homeostasis of the body can cause inflammation to wreak havoc on every system. The feet are no exception. Podiatrists are seeing patients with foot, particularly heel pain, at an earlier age than even one generation ago.


     The plantar fascia is a ligament continuous with the Achilles tendon that supports the arch of the foot. It is recognized to be one of the most chronic foot problems and most difficult to heal. Any stress on this ligament requires the assistance of the immune system to detoxify the cells and repair the damaged ones. With a less-than-efficient immune system in aid, inflammation occurs.*


    A podiatrist should first address any functional influence on the foot, such as structural deformities or repetitive stress injuries. Next, the inflamed and injured tissue can begin the healing process, once the cause of the stress is removed or alleviated. Dr. Lang, Chief Podiatrist at New Orleans Podiatry Associates, uses a variety of interventions in his practice creating an 86% success rate for heel pain relief.  These include: plantar fasciitis exercises, modern medications with a proven track record for efficacy, and an anti-inflammatory diet including  anti-inflammatory herbs. Dr. Lang frequently prescribes a  powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties known as turmeric for inflammation. Healing may be affected by metabolic deficiencies of the patient, therefore, it is important that diet, lifestyle, and environment influences are addressed. If required nutrients for healing are lacking, additional natural supplements can be recommended including omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and probiotics.*


    At The Center for Heel Pain Relief located at New Orleans Podiatry Associates, Dr. Edward Lang  integrates the whole system. The entire body is connected, so the feet cannot be isolated for treatment. Dr. Lang understands this concept and uses a balance of conventional and holistic methods in his patient care.


Kornfield, R. DPM (2011). Natural Therapy for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis. Annals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health.     Summer 2011 ed, p 52-55.


Kim Kardashian and many other celebs are opting to have a new procedure called “Loub Job” to reduce the pain of hallux limitus. Hallux limitus, often known as stiffness in the big toe, makes it very difficult for women to wear high heels.

The procedure calls for restoring lubrication and lost cushioning to the joint in the big toe with the help of hyaluronic acid injected into the foot. Those suffering from hallux limitus have reduced range of motion in the big toe in addition to increased amount of pain in the joint. With the help of this new procedure, high heel wearers can go pain free for months at a time.

Hallux limitus is a very uncomfortable condition to live with. If you have any concerns about hallux limitus, contact Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Our doctor will treat your foot and ankle needs.

What You Need To Know About Hallux Limitus

Hallux limitus is a medical condition which stands for “stiff toe.” This is an arthritic condition in which movement of the big toe is constrained. The pain is usually allocated between the large toe and foot. This condition is not of serious matter, but should be treated to avoid a hallux rigdus.


Toe pain is common, therefore many people tend to overlook this issue and believe it’s nothing serious. But, if you notice sharp pain, bone growths, tightness around the joint and even changes in the way you walk. It is vital to see a podiatrist before your condition worsens.  

How Do I Get It?

Genetics – hallux limitus can be inherited from your parents, or someone can be who is born with a predisposition to arthritis as well.
Injury – overuse can cause trauma to the joints leading to extra bone growth and wear away the cartilage.


X-rays are the most common used methods for diagnosis; it is also performed with a test to see the general function of the big toe.

Lifestyle & Physical Therapy – having motion and massages to the given area will help slow down complications and gradually increase flexibility.

R.I.C.E. – stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Combining the R.I.C.E method with other treatments is proven effective.

It is important that when one suffers any kind of foot injury, one should not over exert the toe with strenuous physical activity. Too much activity can destroy the cartilage, making the toe even stiffer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices located in New Orleans Podiatry Associates. We offer the newest diagnostic tools and technology to treat your foot and ankle needs.

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April 23, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Leo Faramelli of Leo’s Shoe Repair has a lot of experience selling and repairing shoes and has a vast understanding of how certain shoes can cause problems for the feet. “Older shoes are made a lot better. There’s much more real leather. Today, most of the shoe is vinyl to an extent,” Leo states. Today shoes are made with a cheaper grade of leather than is then coated with vinyl and plastic. The shoes look great but that are not as quality, putting customers feet at risk for problems such as corns. Shoes made out of real leather will mold to your feet.

Shoes that are not properly suited for the feet can cause corns and other podiatric problems. If you have any foot or ankle concerns, contact Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Our doctor will attend to your foot and ankle needs.

Corns: What are they? And how do you get rid of them?
Corns can be described as areas of the skin that have thickened to the point of becoming painful or irritating. They are often layers and layers of the skin that have become dry and rough, and are normally smaller than calluses.

Ways to Prevent Corns
There are many ways to get rid of painful corns such as wearing:
- Well-fitting socks
- Comfortable shoes that are not tight around your foot
- Shoes that offer support

Treating Corns
Treating corns involves removing the dead skin that has built up in the specific area of the foot. Salicylic acid can help in getting rid of these corns because it dissolves keratin, which is the protein that makes up a good majority of corns. Podiatrists recommend that people with diabetes not use salicylic acid but should consult with their podiatrist regarding the treatment of corns.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the newest diagnostic tools and technologies to treat your foot and ankle needs.

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April 15, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Pregnant television star Jill Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting is eleven days past her due date. Duggar was hoping for a natural at home birth with a midwife present, but as the days pass and no signs of “baby dilly” show, her plans are jeopardized.

Recently the star was seen volunteering at a nearby thrift shop, sparking criticism from experts that believe she could risk her health by standing on her feet for so long this late in her pregnancy. Her husband Derick Dillard went to his blog to express their anticipation of the Dillard-Duggar baby, “I can’t even describe the anticipation I am feeling, as I am about to meet my first born son.”

Staying off your feet during the last weeks of pregnancy is a good idea for your foot health and your baby’s health. If you have any concerns with your feet contact podiatrist Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Our doctor will treat your foot and ankle needs.

What foot problems can arise during pregnancy?

One problem that can occur is over-pronation, which occurs when the arch of the foot flattens and tends to roll inward.  This can cause pain and discomfort in your heels while you’re walking or even just standing up, trying to support your baby.  

Another problem is edema, or swelling in the extremities. This often affects the feet during pregnancy, but tends to occur in the later stages. 

How can I keep my feet healthy during pregnancy?

  • Wearing orthotics can provide extra support for the feet and help distribute weight evenly
  • Minimize the amount of time spent walking barefoot
  • Wear shoes with good arch support
  • Wear shoes that allow for good circulation to the feet
  • Elevate feet if you experience swelling
  • Massage your feet
  • Get regular, light exercise, such as walking, to promote blood circulation to the feet

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the newest diagnostic tools and technologies to treat your foot and ankle needs.

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April 08, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Fitness experts believe that the feet, while often forgotten during exercise, are the very foundation of one’s physical well-being. According to Katy Bowman, biomechanist and founder of Restorative Exercise Institute, when the feet are strengthened so are the entire body’s balance and stability.
“The feet are perhaps the most neglected complex structure in the body,” stated Bowman. APMA spokesman Dr. Howard Osterman had similar sentiments, stating that most foot injuries occur because of overuse or a lack of proper foot support. “We don’t need the toes to have the dexterity of fingers but we do need some dexterity,” he said. “We need the muscles to have strength.”

Proper foot support is of utmost importance in foot health. To learn more, consult with Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Our doctor will provide you with the foot and ankle information you seek.

The Importance of Proper Foot Support

Walking is an everyday function for both men and women, and in order to keep your body’s balance in order, you are going to need shoes that provide the proper kinds of support. 

Poor foot support can cause pain and discomfort in the lower back, hips, knees, neck and shoulder. It also can lead to emotional stress, and physiological changes in the body. In order to avoid these problems, you must have proper foot support.

The arch is the most important part of the foot, which is where most of the support and balance of your feet lies. The arch of your foot varies in height, and as you age, this height can change. Proper foot support will help musculoskeletal issues, which causes inactivity or disability.

When looking for shoes that give proper support to your feet, you should refrain from wearing ill-fitting shoes.  If footwear is too tight, this can affect the body’s posture, stress, bone deformities, and other foot and back pain. Therefore, it is important that shoes fit well in order to avoid these complications.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet all your needs.

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