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PinPointe™ FootLaser™ is the first laser scientifically designed to promote clear nails in patients who suffer from unsightly nail fungus . Clinically proven, this treatment eradicates unsightly nail pathogens without the harmful side effects of oral medications and typically takes only thirty minutes to perform. Stop suffering from the pain and embarrassment of thick and discolored nails due to a fungus. PinPointe FootLaser is the easy and convenient treatment that helps turn your discolored and disfigured nails into clearer, healthier-looking nails.

Please click on this link to download a form providing you with information about what you should do before the procedure and how you should care for your shoes and your home to reduce the risk of fungi spreading: PinPointe Laser Education and Post-Operative Information.

How Does the Laser Work?

PinPointe FootLaser operates in the light spectrum of near infrared light. By design, it safely destroys the fungi, molds, and bacteria that often cause onychomycosis with little to no discomfort to the patient.

Is this laser painful?

The gentle laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue. There is no, or very little discomfort, during or after the treatment. It does not harm or affect your activity in any way.

Is this Treatment Safe?

Clinical studies have found no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities, or known side effects. 

Does my Insurance Pay for This?

Insurance carriers most often pay for your office visit and evaluation to determine whether your nails are infected with a fungus or pathogen, including the fungal culture. However, because laser nail treatment is considered cosmetic, health insurance carriers do not cover the cost of the laser. If your insurance carrier offers an HSA (health spending account), you may be able to use your HSA funds to pay for your laser nail treatment. Additionally, any time a patient is evaluated for progress by one of our physicians, the price of an office visit is incurred. 

Does it Really Work?

The clinical studies conducted using this technology reveal that over 85% of patients show significant improvement after therapy. Efficacy is often based on the availability of an affordable laser treatment plan and the patient's commitment to following post treatment protocols. 

How Soon Will I see Improvement?

On average, a toenail will replace itself every 6-9 months. Healthy new nail growth will be visible within the first three months, and it will take that amount of time before you see the new, fungus-free nail growing out. 

Who Qualifies for Fungal Laser Therapy? 

One must become or be a NOPA patient with a fungal nail infection to be eligible for laser therapy. Patients with diabetic or non-diabetic foot neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease or those who are pregnant, or nursing are not candidates for laser treatment.  

How Much Does Laser Therapy Cost?

ClearPlan  A Value -Based Solution for Clear, Healthy Nail Maintenance

Phase One Laser Therapy$300.00 per session (Minimum Three Sessions)

Phase Two ClearPlan Maintenance: $50.00 per session

The Struggle is Real!

Battling fungus is costly, and too often, we have helped patients achieve clear, healthily nails, only to learn they have reinfected because the expense associated with fungal nail therapy is unsustainable. The frustration felt by the patient is shared by our healthcare team and we knew we had to develop a solution; the answer we came up with is a two phase program, called ClearPlan.

How does ClearPlan work?

Phase One Laser Therapy: patients who have met with a NOPA physician, have been evaluated for fungus via a fungal culture and have purchased a minimum of three laser treatments. 

Phase Two Maintenance:  patients who have completed Phase One, achieved clear, healthy nails and a negative fungal culture are eligible to enroll in ClearPlan Maintenance.  There is no cost to enroll, and members receive one $50.00 laser therapy every four months for a span of five years

To Learn more about our Laser Therapy Services, please call New Orleans Podiatry Associates.  504-897-3627 

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K. D. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Oct 05, 2021
Dr.Lang, and his staff are always extremely friendly , professional and helpful. This office is beautiful and I would definitely recommend it to everyone I know.
J. Z. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Sep 23, 2021
Great Doctor and staff
T. J. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Sep 16, 2021
Dr. Edward Lang has been my podiatrist since 2012. I could not have chosen a more compassionate, understanding and excellent doctor. The staff in his office is so accommodating and empathetic to each patients unique situation. If you are in need of a Podiatrist; do not hesitate to call Dr. Lang's office. You will not be disappoint
J. C. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
Mi esposo Carlos Cortez y yo estamos muy satisfechos 0 con el servicio del Doctor Lang, ya que mi esposo tuvo un accidente en su trabajo y se daño el tendón de su pie izquierdo, Él fue donde el primer doctor y este dijo que mi esposo no necesitaba cirugía, que solo con terapia podía repararlo, pero no nos convecimos de ese doctor y
S. W. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
I can't believe the luck I had in finding this place a few years ago. The sense of family between the staff is something you feel even as a patient there. Dr. Lang and staff work as a team, are very thorough and do everything imaginable to make you happy and comfortable. Everyone here cares about how you ate feeling and all of your n
M. B. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
Dr Lang and his office are the epitome of professional, kindness and caring.
A. W. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
I was so thankful I was referred to Dr. Lang for a foot injury due to tennis. Dr. Lang and his team made me feel welcome and took care of all of my needs. My foot healed great and I am so thankful to be back on the court!
M. L. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
Recently had an ingrown toenail removed. I was very anxious and nervous about the pain and getting it removed but the doctor and staff made me as comfortable as possible. The removal was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The doctor is very friendly and so gentle that I didn't even know he had started the procedure when he did.
B. D. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
Dr. Lang is an amazing podiatrist. Working in the service industry for over a decade ,took a toll on both of my feet. Dr. Lang, performed both bunion surgeries on me. Best decision I ever made, I am able to stand with out any of my feet aching. I can once again fit comfortably in my shoes. Thank You !!! Dr.Lang
A. E. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 30, 2021
The people running this place are amazing 🤩 people ! Leyla Aviles
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