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We are a locally owned and operated integrative podiatry practice providing our community with effective, quality foot and ankle care. We aim to help our patients achieve a lifetime of optimal foot health by integrating the most advanced, evidence-based therapies with nutrition and a foot-positive lifestyle. 

Evidence-based therapies include radial shockwave therapy used to treat plantar fasciitis and neuropathies; class IV red light laser therapy used to heal wounds and treat neuropathies; class IV PinPointe FootLaser used to eradicate toenail fungus; image-guided corticoid therapy used to deposit medication precisely at an injury, sonogram-guided amnio matrix allograft used to deposit amnio matrix at a tear in the plantar fascia or Achilles tendon; and Lapiplasty¬ģ 3D Bunion Correction, a state-of-the-art procedure used to realign unstable joints attributed to bunions.

Our nutrition philosophy is founded on ancestral eating. It includes consuming clean, unprocessed whole foods, like ruminant meats, wild caught seafood, complex-carbohydrates and wild honey. Nutrition education is essential to our practice because a healthy diet correlates with optimal foot health. For example, sound nutrition can positively affect diabetes, assist in wound healing, prevent or reverse gout, reduce inflammation associated with various tendinopathies, and help reduce excess weight related to plantar fasciitis.

A foot-positive lifestyle consists of making choices that improve biomechanics leading to improved overall health and wellness. Options positively affecting biomechanics include wearing shoes with a wide toe box allowing toes to function as designed while you walk, run or exercise; wearing minimalist or barefoot shoes with a zero drop heel, thereby keeping hips, knees, and ankles in alignment; performing specialized foot exercises to increase foot strength, thereby improving posture and mobility; and practicing grounding to maintain or restore healthy nerve and sensory functioning in the feet responsible for balance and mobility awareness. 


For over thirty years, our foot and ankle team has helped patients resolve foot and ankle conditions, including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon tears and injuries, bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, foot and ankle fractures, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tarsal dislocations, MPJ dislocations, fat pad atrophy, wounds of the ankle and foot, fungal conditions of the toenails and skin, ingrown toenails, acute gouty arthritis, plantar warts and verrucas, neuropathies, and removing foreign bodies of the lower extremities.


We designed the type of practice we want for ourselves and our families. Our HIPAA-compliant communication platform allows patients to text directly with us. No need to wait on hold or for someone to call you back; our patients text (650) 405-0442 and chat directly with our business office, doctor, or team 7 days per week, 7 am - 9 pm. 


Dr. Edward M. Lang, DPM, has helped patients with foot and ankle issues in New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana, for over thirty years. He is an experienced podiatric physician, surgeon, and nutritionist with an integrative approach to helping patients achieve optimal foot health. Dr. Lang is board-certified in podiatric medicine and surgery with the American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery. He is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Louisiana Podiatric Medical Association, and a Fellow of the American Professional Wound Care Association. Dr. Lang is the former host of WBYU's popular talk radio show Footnotes. He is the first and only podiatrist to have been awarded the City Business "Health Care Hero Award" for podiatric medicine (2014).



We are "in-network" providers for most HMOs, PPOs, secondary insurances and other health plans, including 

  • Aetna 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Gilsbar
  • Healthplan
  • Humana
  • Humana Gold
  • LSU First / Web TPA
  • Masters, Mates, & Pilots
  • Medicare
  • MultiPlan
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • National Association of Letter Carriers
  • Ochsner Point of Service Connect 
  • People‚Äôs Health
  • Tricare Prime/Tricare Standard
  • Vantage Health Plan
  • Workers‚Äô Compensation 


Check out our Online Store for self-pay pricing. We offer Value-Based Healthcare Packages that often save our out-of-network patients money. Our value-based packages are a wise choice in this challenging economy, especially if your insurance plan has a high deductible plus coinsurance and co-pays. 

New Patients

Initial Visit

During your initial visit to New Orleans Podiatry Associates, Dr. Lang will conduct a focused review of your symptoms and medical history. Unless you are seeking treatment for a dermatological  condition, Dr. Lang will perform a diagnostic examination to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. Once he determines the origins of your foot or ankle condition, Dr. Lang will offer a diagnosis and  treatment options. From here, you will move into the collaborative stage of your new patient visit and collectively decide on a treatment protocol that works according to your lifestyle, health insurance plan, and budget.

Diagnostic Evaluation

During the diagnostic evaluation of your new patient visit, Dr. Lang will order x-rays and/or a sonogram of your foot or ankle. These diagnostic modalities are performed in-office and are used to locate the origins of your foot pain. 

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At New Orleans Podiatry Associates, we are experts in treating foot and ankle pain. Our lead podiatrist, Dr. Edward M. Lang, has been helping patients resolve foot and ankle pain for over 30 years. Please text our HIPAA-compliant communication platform at (650) 405-0442 and chat directly with our team to learn more about how New Orleans Podiatry Associates can help you get back on your feet. We are foot and ankle specialists, and we have helped thousands of patients reclaim their foot health. 

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