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  • How to Relieve Corns and Calluses
    Corns and calluses are thick, hardened areas of skin that develop in response to your body's natural defense to repeated pressure or friction. While neither condition presents a long-term or Read more
  • How to Minimize Diabetic Foot Problems
    People with diabetes are prone to foot problems, often developing from a combination of poor circulation and nerve damage. Damage to the nerves in the legs and feet diminishes skin Read more
  • Watch That Cabbage: St. Patrick's Parades and Your Feet
    Your feet successfully escaped getting stepped on by eager Mardi Gras revelers rushing for that Muses shoe medallion bead (a high heel that is awesome but of a style we Read more
  • Detecting a Painful Bone Spur
    Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, can occur anywhere in the skeletal system, and the feet are no exception. Bone spurs are overgrowths of bone that can develop on any Read more
  • Welcome to Footnotes, NOPA's Blog
    Welcome to New Orleans Podiatry Associates, and welcome to Footnotes, our blog, where we will regularly offer information and recommendations on how to keep your feet in great shape.  Whether you Read more
  • Advice for Bunion Pain Sufferers
    A bunion is an abnormal, bony prominence that develops on the joint at the base of your big toe. As the big toe joint becomes enlarged, it forces the toe Read more

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