A corn is an area of thick, hardened, and dead skin usually found where your toes rub together. The inner core of a corn may be soft or hard. A soft corn often shows up between the toes, while a hard corn usually forms on the bony part of, most commonly, the little toe.

Causes of Corns

  • Friction or pressure on the feet, often when toes rub against the inside of your shoe
  • Hammertoes
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes--tight and high-heeled shoes squeeze your feet; loose shoes can cause your feet to slide and rub against the shoes; and shoes with thin soles can increase the amount of pressure on the balls of your feet

Symptoms of Corns

  • Hard corns have firm and thick surfaces, and they may also have yellow rings and gray centers
  • Soft corns look like open sores
  • While corns rarely cause pain, placing undue amounts of pressure on your feet may lead to pain

Treatments for Corns

  • A podiatrist may debride the corn. 
  • For severe cases, cortisone injections may be recommended
  • Using pads to cushion the corn and reduce the pressure 

Prevention of Corns

  • Gel pad inserts
  • Wearing comfortable, properly fitting shoes

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