A corn is an area of thick, hardened, and dead skin usually found where your toes rub together. The inner core of a corn may be soft or hard. A soft corn often shows up between the toes, while a hard corn usually forms on the bony part of, most commonly, the little toe.

Causes of Corns

  • Friction or pressure on the feet, often when toes rub against the inside of your shoe
  • Hammertoes
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes--tight and high-heeled shoes squeeze your feet; loose shoes can cause your feet to slide and rub against the shoes; and shoes with thin soles can increase the amount of pressure on the balls of your feet

Symptoms of Corns

  • Hard corns have firm and thick surfaces, and they may also have yellow rings and gray centers
  • Soft corns look like open sores
  • While corns rarely cause pain, placing undue amounts of pressure on your feet may lead to pain

Credit: Marionette

Treatments for Corns

  • A podiatrist may cut the corn. Please note that while this is usually painless since the skin is already dead, NOPA does not recommend your cutting corns yourself as you may injure yourself.
  • For severe cases, cortisone injections and surgery may be recommended
  • Using pads to cushion the corn and reduce the pressure placed upon it

Prevention of Corns

  • Gel pad inserts--Dr. Lang and his team at NOPA can help you determine which kind would be right for you
  • Wearing comfortable, properly fitting shoes

For more information on corn treatment, call New Orleans Podiatry Associates in New Orleans, LA, at (504) 897-3627. For the Metairie, LA, location, call (504) 457-230 0.

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