Is This New Breakthrough Bunion Surgery Right for You?

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Bunions impact millions of people a year and can range in their severity from a minor inconvenience to debilitating, painful conditions. Surgery is generally the recommended treatment for those with extremely painful bunions. Recently, a new type of bunion surgery has been introduced to the medical field. Lapiplasty, better known as 3D bunion surgery, is a breakthrough treatment that can offer you a better, longer-lasting treatment for your bunions. Keep reading to learn more about this new type of bunion surgery in New Orleans and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Bunion

To understand why 3D bunion surgery works better than traditional bunion surgery, you have to understand exactly what a bunion is. Many people who aren’t very familiar with this condition think that a bunion is some type of growth on the foot; in reality, however, a bunion occurs when the bones in the front part of your foot are shifted out of place, causing the big toe to arch towards the other toes of the foot. This forces the joint at the base of your big toe to jut out, forming a bunion.

What is 3D Bunion Surgery?

3D bunion correction is a surgery that addresses the root of the bunion’s origins—namely, that displaced joint mentioned above. Traditional bunionectomies often include an osteotomy, which means breaking that first metatarsal bone and angling it to make your bit toe straight once again. This leaves the original deformity—the deviation in the first metatarsal joint—untreated. This type of treatment may straighten the toe; however, it doesn’t truly treat the root of the problem.

Lapiplasty, on the other hand, directly treats the misaligned joint. This surgery aims to stabilize that first metatarsal joint in your foot and realign it to its natural position. Bunion development often includes both shifting and rotating in that toe joint, and 3D bunion correction addresses both of these malformations, helping return your foot to its original anatomy.

What Are the Benefits of Lapiplasty?

While many people might assume that more traditional “minimally invasive” bunionectomies would reduce healing time, 3D bunion correction actually offers a faster recovery than other treatment options. Though traditional bunionectomies might offer a slightly smaller incision, breaking the metatarsal bone requires a much longer healing time. Most patients can bear weight on the foot in a post-surgical boot two weeks after the procedure and can return to wearing shoes in four weeks. Lapiplasty allows you to get back to normal life much more quickly.

Additionally, 3D bunion surgery often provides long-term, lasting results, while previous forms of bunion surgery have been associated with a higher rate of recurrence. Because traditional bunion surgery doesn’t fully correct the anatomical malformation that causes the bunion, patients may end up developing bunions again down the road. With 3D bunion correction, we treat the root of the problem, which provides longer-lasting results with a lessor frequency of recurrence.

Is It Right for You?

Essentially, if you’re a candidate for any kind of bunion surgery, then the Lapiplasty 3D procedure is likely the best option for treating your bunions.

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Why Choose New Orleans Podiatry Associates?

Now that you know a little more about the Lapiplasty 3-D bunion procedure, you may be asking yourself why you should have that surgery done here at New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Our lead podiatrist, Dr. Edward Lang, is a master level trained expert in this particular type of surgery with a positive rate of success in post-surgical outcomes.

If you need bunion surgery, there’s no better option than the Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction, and there’s no better place to have it performed than New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our podiatrist in New Orleans, LA. We’ll provide a full exam and a thorough explanation of how 3D bunion surgery can improve your life. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll book a thorough evaluation and consultation with Dr. Lang. After your procedure you will have constant access to Dr. Lang and his team while they see you though the healing process. Call now to get started on the road to enjoying a pain-free, fully mobile life once again.

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