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By Mary Cusimano
June 29, 2016
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     Over the past few decades, the toxins that we are regularly exposed to through our diet and environment have increased dramatically. The free radicals in the body have increased, as a result, putting much stress on the immune system. The lacking homeostasis of the body can cause inflammation to wreak havoc on every system. The feet are no exception. Podiatrists are seeing patients with foot, particularly heel pain, at an earlier age than even one generation ago.


     The plantar fascia is a ligament continuous with the Achilles tendon that supports the arch of the foot. It is recognized to be one of the most chronic foot problems and most difficult to heal. Any stress on this ligament requires the assistance of the immune system to detoxify the cells and repair the damaged ones. With a less-than-efficient immune system in aid, inflammation occurs.*


    A podiatrist should first address any functional influence on the foot, such as structural deformities or repetitive stress injuries. Next, the inflamed and injured tissue can begin the healing process, once the cause of the stress is removed or alleviated. Dr. Lang, Chief Podiatrist at New Orleans Podiatry Associates, uses a variety of interventions in his practice creating an 86% success rate for heel pain relief.  These include: plantar fasciitis exercises, modern medications with a proven track record for efficacy, and an anti-inflammatory diet including  anti-inflammatory herbs. Dr. Lang frequently prescribes a  powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties known as turmeric for inflammation. Healing may be affected by metabolic deficiencies of the patient, therefore, it is important that diet, lifestyle, and environment influences are addressed. If required nutrients for healing are lacking, additional natural supplements can be recommended including omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and probiotics.*


    At The Center for Heel Pain Relief located at New Orleans Podiatry Associates, Dr. Edward Lang  integrates the whole system. The entire body is connected, so the feet cannot be isolated for treatment. Dr. Lang understands this concept and uses a balance of conventional and holistic methods in his patient care.


Kornfield, R. DPM (2011). Natural Therapy for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis. Annals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health.     Summer 2011 ed, p 52-55.


February 06, 2015
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Since 2002, Deborah Cole Thomas has struggled with osteoarthritis in her feet and ankles. As a result of her condition, the 60 year old needed multiple surgeries and requires pain medication on a constant basis.

Fortunately, The University of Pittsburgh is conducting research to aid patients like Thomas. Rocky S. Tuan, a cellular and molecular engineering expert, leads a team use 3D printers to make replacement joints out of stem cells and scaffolding material. According to research, the artificial joints just might be more effective than the metal and plastic joints currently being used.

Podiatric care is important for the elderly. If your loved one requires foot care, see Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Dr. Lang can treat your foot and ankle needs.    

The Elderly and their Feet

As we age we start to notice many changes in our body, but the elder population may not notice them right away.  Medical conditions may prevent the elderly to take notice of their foot health right away. Poor vision is a lead contributor to not taking action for the elderly.

Common Conditions 

Neuropathy – can reduce feeling in the feet, and can hide many life threating medical conditions.

Reduced flexibility – prevents the ability of proper toenail trimming, and foot cleaning. If left untreated, it may lead to further medical issues.

Foot sores – amongst the older population can be serious before they are discovered. Some of the problematic conditions they may face are:

  • Gouging toenails affecting nearby toe
  • Shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Pressure sores
  • Loss of circulation in legs & feet
  • Edema & swelling of feet and ankles
  • Injuries left unnoticed
  • Insect or pet bites can also become inflamed and infected
  • Stepping on sharp objects, without notice can increase pain

Susceptible Infections

Diabetes and poor circulation can cause general loss of sensitivity over the years, turning a simple cut into a serious issue.

Bacteria- feet which are exposed to floors that have moist environments like pools and spas are prone to bacteria. These areas can contribute to foot funguses and other diseases.

For more information about the Elderly and their Feet, read the following article.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot ankle injuries.

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January 22, 2015
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Chris Bath spent much of her younger years as a ballet dancer. Bath danced even in spite of suffering from flat feet and having ‘knock-knees’, according to an instructor. Today, although she does not dance, Bath remains loyal to the art and is even a new ambassador for Form Dance Project. “I loved dancing, but was not anatomically made for it so I had no turnout, my knees always wanted to knock in and my feet were also flat,” Bath says. “I realized at age 12 when my teacher told me, but I refused to give in.”

Form Dance Project is a Parramatta-based foundation. In addition with other local business and creative leaders, Form Dance Project is looking for an artistic hub to host the city’s many dancers, choreographers, and school students.

Flat feet can flatten your dreams. If you have podiatric related problems, speak to Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Dr. Lang can see to your foot and ankle needs.  

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet are a condition in which the arch of the foot is depressed and the sole of the foot is almost completely in contact with the ground. Standing about 20-30% of the population generally has flat feet because their arch never formed during growth.

Conditions & Problems:

Having flat feet makes it difficult to run or walk because of the stress placed on the ankles.

Alignment – The general alignment of your legs can be disrupted, because the ankles move inward which can cause major discomfort.

Knees – if you have complications with your knees, flat feet can be a contributor to arthritis in that area.  


  • Pain around the heel or arch area.
  • Trouble standing on the tip toe.
  • Swelling around the inside of the ankle.
  • Flat look to one or both feet.
  • Having your shoes feel uneven when worn.

To learn more about flat feet, follow the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere suffered ligament damage to his left ankle due to a tackle from a Manchester United player during a recent game. The twenty-two year has to undergo surgery to repair the ligaments in his ankle and will be off the playing ground for nearly three months. Recently Wilshere has suffered a series of similar injuries throughout the season totaling around nearly thirteen injuries. The tremendous amount of injuries has caused some questioning in the strength of his ankles to which the midfielder replied on social media, “Luckily I have ‘loose joints’, not brittle, only damaged ligaments.” As Wilshere recovers from his treatment he will miss many important Premier League games against Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham as well as the last rounds in the Champions League and FA Cup.

No athlete wants to get hurt while playing their sport and suffer any foot or ankle injuries. For assistance with any kind of sports related foot or ankle injury, consult with Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates. Dr. Lang can present you with an ample amount of treatment options and will do everything he can to help you heal.

Sports Related Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are a common occurrence when it comes to athletes of any sport. While many athletes dismiss the initial aches and pains, the truth is that ignoring potential foot and ankle injuries can lead to serious problems. As athletes continue to place pressure and strain the area further, a mild injury can turn into something as serious as a rupture and may lead to a permanent disability. There are many factors that contribute to sports related foot and ankle injuries, which include failure to warm up properly, not providing support or wearing bad footwear. Common injuries and conditions athletes face, including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Plantar Fasciosis
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture
  • Ankle Sprains

Sports-related injuries are commonly treated using the RICE method. This includes rest, applying ice to the injured area, compression and elevating the ankle. More serious sprains and injuries may require surgery, which could include arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery. Rehabilitation and therapy may also be required in order to get any recovering athlete to become fully functional again. Any unusual aches and pains an athlete sustains must be evaluated by a licensed, reputable medical professional.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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Rosemary Smith was a full time carer from London when she started to feel shooting pains through her feet. She states she would even feel the pain while standing in her office making photo copies. Smith would often miss out on invitations to parties, exercising, and even found a new job where she could sit down more. After an extensive amount of research, Smith discovered that she had symptoms similar to plantar fasciitis that occurs often in middle aged and overweight individuals. After eight years of suffering from the pain of plantar fasciitis, the forty-five year old discovered shockwave therapy and the treatments have allowed her to live her life again. “My feet still ache if I’ve been shopping or standing for hours, but I don’t have to tiptoe out of bed and can dash off to get the post as soon as it drops through the door,” Smith mentioned.

Shockwave therapy is one of many forms of treatment for plantar fasciitis. If you are interested in receiving shockwave therapy for your lower extremities, contact Dr. Edward Lang of New Orleans Podiatry Associates.  Dr. Lang will assess your needs and give you his professional opinion.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a new treatment option designed to treat bone conditions such as tennis elbow, shoulder pain, and others. This technique is used on patients that do not respond well to physiotherapy. Shockwave therapy uses high intensity sound waves that are directed to the affected tissues of the body with pinpoint accuracy. The effects are very beneficial, leading to a production of collagen fibers, eliminating inflammation.

Who Benefits from Shockwave?

Shockwave is recommended for patients suffering from heel pain and associated problems. Heel pain is a common condition which can be caused by obesity, overexertion, and spending a substantial amount of time on hard floors with your feet exposed and unsupported.

Fast and Easy

The therapy is actually a simple process that can leave patients feeling better the very next day. Shockwave therapy is not as dramatic as it sounds. It enables more blood flow to effected areas, attacking the source of the problem so treatment lasts for a long time.

Treatment & Recovery Time

Shockwave treatment will enable your feet to recover quickly. This is especially important since surgery is not required. It is cost effective and does not require the use of anesthesia.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices located in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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