Shin Splints

Shin splints refer to pain on either side of the leg bone that is caused by muscle or tendon inflammation. The problem is usually related to a collapsing arch but may be caused by a muscle imbalance between opposing muscle groups in the leg.

Causes of Shin Splints

  • Inflammation due to injury of the tendon
  • Over-training or over-exercising on elevated or hard surfaces
  • Poor biomechanical structure, such as weak ankle muscles
  • Stress fractures
  • Sudden increase in distance or intensity of workout schedule
  • Tight Achilles tendon
  • Wearing improper footwear when engaged in athletic activities

Symptoms of Shin Splints

  • Pain in the front of the outer leg below the knee, next to your shinbone; the pain often appears at the beginnings and ends of workout sessions
  • Pain in the aforementioned area that is dull at first but becomes more extreme as time passes

Treatments for Shin Splints

  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers prescribed by your podiatrist or physician (Note: Please consult your physician before taking any medications.)
  • Custom-made orthotics --New Orleans Podiatry Associates offers more than 150 unique possibilities!
  • Icing your shin for 20-30 minutes every 3-4 hours for 2-3 days or until the pain is gone
  • Physical therapy
  • Range-of-motion exercises recommended by NOPA professionals
  • Rest
  • Wearing a neoprene sleeve to support and warm your leg

If you're active, please call New Orleans Podiatry Associates today to learn about how you can continue to exercise and run while making sure that you do not aggravate your shin splint injury. Dr. Edward Lang and his team at NOPA can develop a personalized, detailed list of exercises for you that can keep you on your feet without missing a beat!

Prevention of Shin Splints

  • Avoiding playing or running on hard surfaces as much as possible
  • Ceasing activity or play as soon as you feel pain
  • Gradually increasing exercise activity
  • Stretching properly before and after exercise and sports
  • Wearing corrective shoes and/or custom-made orthotics
  • Wearing proper footwear

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